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Empowering international students with the knowledge to access the British education system

Addressing indiscrepencies in opportunities for ethnic minorities in the British education system.

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One of the things we wrote about earlier this year is the ongoing need to address indiscrepencies in opportunities for ethnic minorities in the British education system.

Of course, this is a broad topic that stems all the way from outright racism to a simple lack of information or dedicated support. The former is a large and serious topic requiring the need for detailed analysis and a multifaceted approach from everyone involved in the industry.
However, the latter is something we can, in part, address by supporting international students when it comes to understanding the processes and requirements for choosing, applying to and attending British schools and universities. This is something that we, at CamVision, provide solutions for on a daily basis for students, through consultation as well as ongoing tuition.
A celebrated place to study

The British education system is unique and has been globally respected for decades as a coveted place to study. This is not purely based on results, but also on the culture and history that comes with many of the most famous academic institutions. For example, Cambridge and Oxford Universities (which ranked fourth and fifth respectively in the World University Rankings last year).

However, the processes, protocols, traditions and nuanced differences between one school or university and another can make the application process extremely confusing for many international students and their parents.

It can make it challenging to understand which centre of education would be right for their wants, needs, characters and personal goals. Then, the process of filling in application forms, personal statements and preparing for interviews in another language can be daunting, especially when trying to understand what it is the school or university is seeking to understand about you through these different stages.
Support that sees both sides of the experience
While all students ultimately achieve their goals through personal merit, having someone who understands the protocols and expectations in the UK, as well as how it feels from the perspective of the student and their parents, can be an invaluable guide and support. It helps to give individuals an equal opportunity of not only getting in, but making a success of their experience over the ensuing years, because they have found the right place for them.

This year, in particular, international students have needed help to understand what’s happening and what they can do. This applied especially with the initial confusion over A-level results, and the impact it had on university places as many students sought to navigate the clearing process. That situation was made even harder for those who were trying to make crucial decisions from locations around the world.

At CamVision our team and tutors have been through the process of applying and doing their education in the UK. While some are from the UK and have in turn been to work and study in China and other parts of the world, many have also been international students looking to come to study in the UK. As a result, when we work with students either on a consultancy, tuition or combined basis, we understand their perspective and how it feels to be entering this world for the first time.

While that kind of support won’t make starting school or university in a new country less daunting in itself, it can help to turn some of that anxiety into excitement, and allow students to feel prepared at each stage of the process. The net result is more students achieving their goals, and for the UK education system it enables a greater student diversity, which in itself enriches the school and university experience.

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