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How students from Dalian in China benefited from UK education experiences

We wanted to take a moment to look back at one of our UK camps earlier this year, when we welcomed a group of Chinese students from Dalian in China.

While travel is currently out at the moment, it’s important to remember the enormous value that comes from shared cultural and educational exchanges and experiences. So we wanted to take a moment to look back at one of our UK camps earlier this year, when we welcomed a group of Chinese students from Dalian in China, to enjoy a 12-day UK School Integration Winter Camp program at Quinton House School in Northampton, with the help of our partners at UK Guardian Ltd, who help to arrange accommodation and hosting for children safely and responsibly.

While the current situation has clearly put a hold on such trips for now, placing greater emphasis on online courses and consultancy for university applications and online work placements for older students, we look forward to planning more education experiences as part of our School Integration program in the future, and continuing to enhance the innovative relationship between China and the UK.
What our educational integration camps include
Our School Integration program offers Chinese students aged 12 years and over, the opportunity to experience life at a British school. That includes getting a taste of the British curriculum, taking part in school activities, clubs and sports, as well as living with a local host family for 12 days. Our network of host families offer a safe and nurturing environment for students while they are in our care, and these supportive programmes are available from during term time when UK state schools are open.
Where our students come from
On this occasion, students joined us from Dalian, which is situated in the North East of China in the southernmost tip of the province of Liaoning. It is a major city, with over six million people living in the city and the metropolitan area, and is an important industrial, financial and logistic hub for North East China.
Student life in Dalian, known as the “Fashion City”, couldn’t be more different to that in the UK. The Chinese education system has a more disciplined and rigorous approach to study, which starts with a 10-hour working day, four or more hours of additional study after they go home and, in
their final years, students are expected to put in extra study at the weekends, often working
until midnight. Success following all that hard work, is measured in a variety of ways.
How our integration experiences work
Our integration program itinerary enables students to experience the leisure aspects of their education in the UK, as well as the academic side. That includes culturally enriching activities, and support developing social skills for different situations.
Students start with a full four days of school with their exchange partner at Quinton House School, taking part in lessons, sport and the arts. The next four days are filled with trips to London, Oxford and Cambridge to explore some of the UK’s most historic and inspiring cities. During their travels on this occasion, students visited cultural hotspots including Buckingham Palace and the British Museum, Big Ben, a Steam Experience and Windsor Castle. The program finished with a visit to King’s and St John’s Colleges at Cambridge University, including a formal dinner at the university.
As always, the children who joined us were a pleasure to host and we very much look forward to welcoming more groups once travel resumes.
You can find out more about CamVision and the educational opportunities and experiences that we offer by following the link below.

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