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Looking to the future: a three-tiered approach to nurturing innovation and business success

At its heart, education and working together on innovations across countries and cultures is key; particularly between the UK and China.

While current circumstances have brought so much to a halt, at CamVision, we have our eyes firmly on the future and how best we can help individuals and businesses to thrive. At its heart, education and working together on innovations across countries and cultures is key; particularly between the UK and China. It is the different skills and resources that each nation brings to the proverbial table that shines a path to the future, and we are pleased to be a small part of helping to make that happen.
Creating sustainable leadership and development

On our last trip to China, this belief really shone through. It had two purposes. The first was to help CEOs from four UK start-ups to secure key contacts in China that would enable them to begin developing relationships in both Hangzhou and Guangzhou.

The second was for CamVision to work in parallel with educational consultants Dr. Jessica Ocampos, Director of CamNexus, and Dr. Pablo Salas, from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, to develop plans for new innovation and research centres in both Dalian in the Liaoning Province, and Zengcheng in the Guangdong Province. Our role as a key consultant included not only introductions and translations, but also helping to present ideas from the UK companies to the Chinese local market.

With their focus on sustainable development at the core of their educational philosophy, Jessica and Pablo believe that the future lies in technological innovation, and crucially that China is set to be at the centre of that innovation boom.

Business and education working together

Their belief stems from the country’s continued development and ever-increasing importance on the global stage. The innovation we see from China is already fuelling industries around the world, particularly in the enormous tech clusters in university cities such as Oxford and Cambridge, where they have access to a pipeline of new thinking and new talent that needs both nurturing and challenging.

The strength of these forward-thinking businesses lies in their close proximity to research and education centres, allowing them to stay adaptable and fast-moving in the face of a rapidly changing industrial environment. Therefore, a three-tiered ‘ecosystem’ of innovation, research, and education is the model on which future success hinges.

China presents a fascinating opportunity for building this new future, for companies around the world, and it is wonderful to be a part of facilitating that. Jessica and Pablo’s experience and expertise was invaluable in our meetings with Government bodies and universities in Dalian and Zengcheng, and we look forward to continuing our work alongside them to bring these processes to life and make them more accessible to businesses in search of opportunities.

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