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Meet our educational advisor who joins us from Oxbridge and the European Commission

This year, one of the key people to join our team is Educational Product Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon.

Our team at CamVision is one of the key ingredients in continuing to drive the services that we provide forward. It is constantly growing in order to keep perfecting and enhancing what we do. This year, one of the key people to join our team is Educational Product Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon.

About Dr. Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon

Dr. Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon has over 20 years of experience as a university lecturer, and has taught at all educational levels including K12, undergraduate, graduate, and adult learning. She specialises in content delivery, admissions access, and pedagogic approaches to societal challenges. She is currently a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages and Tutor in continuing education at the University of Oxford, having held Research Fellowships previously at both the University of Cambridge and Harvard University.

Providing research, policy briefs and advocacy services on societal challenges and education, she is also skilled at full life-cycle project management, curriculum and learning design, focus groups, workshops, and conference planning and delivery.

An industry leader beyond the classroom

Dr. Evenden-Kenyon is the author of numerous articles, chapters and books on historical and contemporary European relations. She also runs conferences, workshops and focus groups on Christo-Judao-Islamic relations, European culture and heritage, and methodologies for social cohesion. She also has a profound sense of community and civil responsibility - elected as the Liberal Democrats prospective parliamentary candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in March 2019. It is the constituency in which she has spent much of her professional career (as a lecturer at Brunel University), and one that secured her admiration for its vitality and diversity from the very start.

Contributing to innovative education protocols at CamVision

While Dr. Evenden-Kenyon’s experience encompasses a wealth of experience, part of it includes being an Independent Expert at the European Commission. At CamVision, she has been instrumental in the creation of our innovative STEAM curricula. It stems from new evidence based thinking from bodies, including the European Commission, showing the value of incorporating a creative approach when learning technical skills.

The result is a drive to incorporate the twin realms of art and science in order to foster the creative spirit that’s vital for innovation and development. It takes the traditional STEM approach - focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics and turns it into a STEAM approach - science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics - seeking to harness creative skills and thinking of students alongside technical ones.

Combining our skills and knowledge with that of Dr. Evenden-Kenyon, we then took the process a step further. We created dedicated curricula that embrace the STEAM approach and put it into action with another forward-thinking, holistic approach to education: Project-Based Learning. The result is a process that we use for our own courses as well as a service that can be used as a stand-alone product for schools, or incorporated into existing learning protocols at different educational bodies.

It is one of many contributions Dr. Evenden-Kenyon has made to the team and processes at CamVision, and is a key example of why we value and seek the support of some of the education industry’s leading minds in order to support our students.

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