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Remote work placements to prepare university students for work from anywhere in the world

CamVision has launched remote work placements, aimed at helping university students to gain professional development wherever they are in the world.

At CamVision, the education and technology solutions that we offer are aimed at providing meaningful and practical experiences with tangible benefits. With that in mind, this month, we are launching our remote work placements, aimed at helping university students to gain work experience and professional development with English speaking organisations, from wherever they are in the world.

Designed to support career development

Currently working in partnership with Shanghai Gaodun Education, experts in professional education courses, and with the facility to extend work placements to other organisations as well, our remote internships last for four weeks and are currently in investment in technology startups. Students are given tasks by a supervisor through an online portal that's designed to support their professional development and help them work towards their chosen career paths.

Students work closely with their chosen company to conduct research, capture data, prepare and check translations and take part in online meetings with partners. Through this they not only develop the technical skills required in the workplace, but also hone soft skills ranging from adapting to cultural differences to professional communications. They will also have an opportunity to explore their own entrepreneurial side through set projects.

Working with UK-based technology innovators

We currently have internships available with companies through the Britbots investment fund. Britbots supports UK-based robotics, artificial intelligence and automation businesses. They invest in ambitious UK-based founders whose robots address global issues posed by falling productivity and a shrinking labour pool.

Interns are not simply there to learn from the companies that they work with, but also to contribute valuable support to busy organisations. We already have interest from other firms in the UK who are interested in accessing and supporting students, with a view to nurturing a pipeline of top global talent. We also have particular interest from students looking for further opportunities with UK-based companies in the fields of finance and investment.

Supporting students and businesses with meaningful contributions and experiences

Where often internships merely offer the ability to observe a company in action, CamVision’s remote working programme is designed to give a completely unique experience that benefits both companies and students.

Students can enjoy hands-on learning and have the chance to make a real impact on a company that’s leading the way in its field, all while working remotely from wherever they are in the world. During the remote working period, students are assigned tasks by a supervisor, and the CamVision team then monitors their progress, assisting with students’ professional development throughout.

Meanwhile, companies are able to access and nurture a pool of top talent which contributes valuable support to their current workflow, whilst also introducing possible future hires to work towards the long term future of their organisations. Crucially, where often internships can present companies with additional work rather than support, and emphasise only the benefit to the student, CamVision takes a more holistic approach, seeing the need for remote working to benefit all parties. That is why we take responsibility for overseeing students and monitoring tasks set by companies to ensure both students and organisations gain tangible benefits from the experience.

If you would like to find out more about our remote internships, which are now open for applications, please follow the link below for more information and to speak to a member of the CamVision team.

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