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The benefits of remote work placements through Covid-19 and beyond

Earlier this year we launched our remote work placements, providing undergraduates and graduates with the opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience with innovative businesses from anywhere in the world.

Earlier this year we launched our remote work placements, providing undergraduates and graduates with the opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience with innovative businesses from anywhere in the world. The benefits have been particularly prevalent for the heavily disrupted work and education systems throughout the Covid-19 health crisis, but they also continue to offer benefits for businesses and individuals as well as the wider global community moving forward.

Limiting education disruption through Covid-19
Online education systems have been instrumental in trying to limit the disruption to education around the world. However, the same opportunity has not been made widely available to graduate and post graduate students who want to continue making efforts to progress their careers while the world has seemingly shut down. Our remote work placements have provided a unique opportunity for our students to keep their professional development and networking going throughout Covid-19, made it possible to learn from and contribute to exciting businesses at this difficult time, whilst continuing to stay safe. Equally, the contributions our students bring to businesses we work with are invaluable, providing research, data capture and translations for growing companies at the forefront of innovation.
Limiting our environmental impact
Remote working and remote education is not a replacement for doing either in person; it has a value in its own right. For one, it is an additional tool that can make work opportunities more accessible to more people, but it also provides an opportunity for us to limit our environmental impact by reducing the necessity for travel. As we move forward, these considerations are not only necessary in order to address climate change, but with the tools available to us to think about how and when we travel, it is our responsibility as individuals and organisations to find ways in which to use them effectively. Students are facing a world of work where remote communications are increasingly the norm. Learning how to be a valuable and contributing member of the team from a remote workspace is an important part of the necessary behaviour change needed for the future of work.

Taking the global community to the next level

CamVision Education was built on the idea of bridging the divide between the UK and China because of the mutual benefits each nation can offer one another moving forward. The world is already a much smaller place thanks to international travel, but digital communications give us the chance to take that a step further. Through the Covid-19 crisis, many businesses have found that if they weren’t using remote work opportunities before, they have now had to and in many cases are finding them effective and efficient. Remote work opportunities allow us to find the best people for a job anywhere in the world and tap into an ecosystem of talent that can be accessed anytime anywhere. At CamVision we have leveraged those opportunities to give Chinese students the chance to benefit from elite UK education opportunities and language development skills, while our remote work placements bring innovative businesses together with exceptional talent from around the world.

Our remote work placements are designed to support students’ professional development and help them work towards their chosen career paths. Currently working in partnership with Shanghai Gaodun Education, experts in professional education courses, and existing placements are available with the Britbots investment fund. Britbots supports UK-based robotics, artificial intelligence and automation businesses. They invest in ambitious UK-based founders whose robots address global issues posed by falling productivity and a shrinking labour pool. Further partnerships with a variety of organisations will soon be introduced.

If you are a student and are interested in remote work placement opportunities, or you are a business looking to access exceptional talent, contact CamVision to find out more.

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